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My love for Italy and all things Italian began as a young boy growing up in the home of my grandparents in Hoboken, New Jersey. Their Italian heritage and traditions were an integral and important part of my childhood. As I grew, so did my interest and passion for Italy. During my college years at the University of South Carolina I studied Italian language, history, literature and film, and spent a summer abroad in Urbino, Italy. Since that time I have traveled extensively through the different regions of Italy. I have learned that each region is unique, from the people and culture, to the weather and landscape , to the amazing food and wine.

My wife Monica and I are devoted to making your dining experience at Il Giorgione as enjoyable and authentic as some of our favorite places in Italy! Eat at Gio’s and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Italy with us – Buon Appetito!



-George (Giorgione) Kessler

We believe in tradition.

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